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...for the abscence or not replying even if I AM visiting DA more than two times a week AND for still no opened comissions.

I still have to finish stuff for studies as I was even wasting time going somewhere with no result...sight. I'm sorry for writing about something being not clear, but I think it would be stupid to write about little problems I have;  the real trouble I've got lately is, believe or not, my router I've got around two months ago stopped working. No sign like it has no power even if the power is on(and with dad we checked if it's fault of power supply, but we changed into his new one and still the same problem)...

Unbelievable...but not as the fact what my mom did when I've heard she finally got new router with help of my uncle.
The "new" router was in fact older by two years than my old one. I even tried as gently and diplomatically as I could to explain my mother it's reaaally bad to give me such old router as we talk about electrinics; it's the same as giving me a phone that was still used 8 years ago.
Seems I just have to open comissions and every time I visit DA apologize for such slow progress of work as I cannot use my dad's laptop every day.

Because I'm working slowly with no pressure, but still to get in time with the rest needed for studies, I haven't even touched my personal works. Albeit with travelling lately by train or bus I happen to use my Nintendo 3DS and Omega Ruby more than I ever thought X'D

Now let's move into something sounding more positive as I don't wish to make upset someone just by my life troubles.
Some of you know I aim to get shiny charm and I'm completing the Pokedex. At the moment because of having no router and acess to WiFi I can't use WT or GTS(hey, it's not THAT bad as ppl say!), but I'm preparing my boxes for trade.

Some of you have previous Pokemon games X or/and Y. Can I ask you for some Pokemon I need for Pokedex?
I don't need them pernamently, just for data, so I'll trade back them.

Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Mewtwo. I know so far you can get one of legendary birds depending on which starter you picked.
That's why I think I should ask in journal instead of asking people I trade if they got any.


Seriously, are there pokemon players who played previous games or aren't there Friend Safaris where you can get them with HA?
DAT'S WHY I AM ANNOYED. Not like with Gluttony Zigzagoons or Eevees on WT.

If someone happens to have female with HA, I wish to borrow it, breed and SPAM WT with HA monkeys to slap some players.
Not to mention, I just need them for data, so I need to breed at last one of each and evolve them. I don't wish to use valuable stone on standard ability one if HA is simply grreat :I

I'm sorry if it sounded like stupid ask. I seriously want HA elemental monkeys, but having only OR I can't get them.

I've got Heatmor through GTS asking for it, but no one traded me Durant. I guess it's because actually that Pokemon based on animal that yesterday bited me in the neck and knee is just useful, so no one wants me getting bitten by Durant(lol sorry for my weird way of thinking :iconimhappyplz: )

Also Cryogonal and Vanilite, please. I wish to trouble myself by catching them, but they're only in X/Y :(

Anyone have Aromatisse? I don't ask for Spiritzee with its item to evove via trade as you get only one per game, but can-can birdie dancer is necessary for shiny charm :meow:

Another trouble for me is Leafeon. I've got adamant Eevee from WT, but only in X/Y we can evolve Eevee into Sinnoh introduted Eeveelutions(why, game freak, why...I wish to have Sinnoh nostalgia there :iconcryforeverplz: )

Jyyyynx......will haunt my dreams. I need one for Pokedex. and Smoochum. Like I ever wanted it more.

.....Can someone get me lonely Pawniard and nickname it Terminator?
....soon you'll get why. A new Pokemon OC in my neightbourhood my watchers...! :dummy: :iconhappyiamplz:
X'D I am crazy with too much of imagination I know.

Talking about my imagination and my take on Pokemon World....yesterday I troubled myself with catching Regis, so my mind was occupied for while about them.

Sometimes I feel I will throw too much legendary/very rare/enigmatic Pokemon in my stories like 10-years old Pokemon fan that starts a cool story which turns into feathuring battles between OP and "cool" Pokemon :roll:

On the other side...if not me, than WHO?!

As we have fashion for Nuzlockes and ppl working on Nuzlocke comic having not enough time AND need to think about legendaries in Pokemon World, I think I shouldn't restraint myself from putting every thought I get about them. I am even secretly proud of myself I thought up how for real looks opening Regice's maze(in-game you just stay two minutes doing nothing) and why it's needed to get closer to it by giving a nickname and an item. But I won't tell now. sorry for being annoying! :giggle:

Anyone who watches me and actually enjoys more than my artwork ever thought about them so can tell me personal theories/headcanons?

Really, I am sure there are more than fewI've met who thinks a bit about Pokemon world especially when playing.
My ORAS hype was not only for playing precious in graphics game with tons of legendaries to catch like for free.
It was a hype to open gates to Pokemon World we haven't seen before.Oh my, it sounds as I have mental disorder and I am not normal person X'D
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  • Drinking: I wish wine, but I have water :Y


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