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Pardon if I'll go so lame right now, but...I couldn't resist:

Lame meme for journal by Weirda208

I haven't touched my Nintendo 3DS since something around 3 months or so, but I just got a need for some personal (blah bla) reasons to do some things there...
I wanted to catch 3 star calm Skrelp female and nickname it Magnolia.
It's beautiful and...reminds me of prehistoric times :iconimhappyplz: not spammin' you with future story scenario for Weirda Mirrart, but just to put here that like with observing Poochyena and Mightyena behaviour in natural environment with encountering shiny male(my first shiny in OR ever~), Weirda and prof. Tipsy(officialy prof. Cycas) will move to beach and waters around Dewford because of high possibility to find seahorse Pokemon fossils, while Wei decided to use the advantage of her Lumineon being natually fish that crawles on seafloor and to observe Skrelp or even Dragalge. You know, the weird Mother nature decision where the mother of seahorse youngs is obviously the father! :iconheplz:
It's interesting in my eyes that 6th gen seahorse are like the real ones, slow creatures, while the first seahorse Pokemon, Horsea line are really fast for a creature that even if waving its backfin with incredible speed, it doesn't make it a humming bird...but maybe....Pokemon superpowers :icontotodilederpplz:
That's why I just came with idea father of most Skrelp there would be Kingdra that would transport them into new and free area after they would grow up.

Now, you can see that blue Skrelp that I caught while lookin' for my Magnolia is nicknamed Kinga. Sounds almost like Kingdra and there IS such polish name.
I don't know if there's english counterpart of that name, but it's close to be short from Cunegund. In polish we have....diminutive? I hope that word works like in translator X'D
I wish it would be male, name it Dragoon (dragon+lagoon, as well as dragoon dragon being more serpentine among european ones) AND to go againist stereotype Dragalge being female(because of graceful look and "hair")

Img 20150401 155308 by Weirda208

Hmmm, NOT BAD for wild shiny!
Wild shiny tends to be...TROLLIN' with their natures. I wonder how painful and challenging is to hatch a shiny....I am a bit too scared to start this someday, but having some good japan or italian's a bit tempting to try since I am patient.
The only matter is, I. HATE. THINGS DEPENDING ON "LUCK", being random. This is just waste of time. You can say it's test of patience, but it's just to find a good sounding side of it. If someone decides to do something in game, sure, make it challenging for gamers, but NOT LIKE A PAIN! :roll:

Ohh, if you want a proof she was caught by me, not given from friend or WT:
Img 20150401 155300 by Weirda208
...I wish she would have Poison Point ;^; at last relaxed nature makes her not too fragile as defensive Pokemon

I decided to get rid off some Pokemon I've got in my boxes and to give some not so bad, because 3 star and mostly adaptalibility Skrelps on WT(because I even release those trash Gluttony Zigzagoons or Shield Dust Wurmples) and also decided to do so with Finneons I was catching to get my OC Marvely with two egg moves from Remoraid...and look what I've got from WT for little fish o.o
Img 20150401 155341 by Weirda208
H-hh-hhow people even get that?!? I-I can't believe. I wonder...could it be h-hacked? D:
No really, I am out of that elite that plays Pokemon and get such perfect Pokemanz :iconsryyea:

Albeit this is NOT the second shiny I wanted to show shamelessly and being lame thinking it's something to be proud of among Pokemon players

I hatched one of my OCs thanks to my friend who gave me Scraggy with all egg moves that Zuzy OC has (Deer Lord Xerneas bless Lily, she's such big heart and better than great friend <3 )
and I decided to EV train her, starting with DEF...I always thought that Skorupi gives common Speed EV, not defense, because I thought only it's evolution has such bulky defence I decided I'll try to get shiny Skorupi while EV training or at last one with nice was early night when I started, but as I went with chain so far, I decided to keep it as long as I can,because higher levels were giving me just noticeable exp...having in mind that at high level of chain there's high chance of gettin' shiny, I started to struggle, because I felt SO sleepy! Knowing this is ALL FRIGGIN' RANDOM chance, I was about to quit, because good sleep and health are more worth than-

Img 20150401 155034 by Weirda208
EeeeeeeeeeeeEEEee~ :iconwantplz: :iconexcitedplz: Yaaay it's even female! :dummy:
I just shamessly send to WT few Sniper and Venomica, because I like to give Pokemon nicknames :roll:

I find Rose fitting, REALLY:
-it's red
-there are some praying mantis subspecies which body evolved to camouflage among Orchidea flowers and we talk about bug type here ladies and gentlemen
-rose is not only gentle flower, but also spikes
-we have Roselia, grass/poison which got pre-evo and evolution in 4th gen, where Skorupi got introduced
-HER NATURE....:iconorzplz:

Ohh noooo....
Img 20150401 155046 by Weirda208
Lowered attack.
But of course I am not super embarassed and not happy about getting shiny with bad nature of one of my fav Pokemon, because "luckily" I am not gonna participate competitive battles :shrug:

I have to say, I laughed good 5 minutes after I just petted it in Amie :iconrofl2plz: Not only the sound it makes, but Game Freak what have you done to that scorpion Pokemon?! It's just cute AND hilarious wiggling it's body!
I can't....excuse me, I just can't, I find it hilarious. A previous form of one of the most intimidationg Pokemon, a giant ogre scorp Pokemon and Skorupi has small pincers(for scorpions, you know that USUALLY there's "rule" that bigger pincers, the weaker poison and vice versa, so I see Skorupi having rather strong and dangerous poison)
I went to bed with stomachache from too intense giggling, because I didn't wanted to wake up my parents.
Rose stop being dancin' cute bug!

It's really....bugging me.
(ba-dum-tss! lame pun time)

Talking about puns, I tend to be really silly,lame and weird.

I went once on Mirage Island where is Purugly and just caught one for future hunting for shiny(haven't got time then to do that)
PokeDex says it's Tiger Cat
Img 20150401 155126 by Weirda208
But wait don't call it FAT, he keeps in shape!
"Likes to run"
Yes, I like the PurUGLY. It's based on persian cat which are all about the FLUFF your hands lost in when you try to find where's the body for that specific face XD
(Furfrou shall have counterpart in fluffy CAT Pokemon with Fur coat >:I )
Img 20150401 155152 by Weirda208

Haven't enjoyed the journal yet? Don't worry, I've got soemthing for your entertainment:…

He touched the butt by Pokeaday

aaand this vid, you can watch from the beginning and I only want to warn you at 5:59
(but you shall hear that pun over Wormadam 5:51- it's like ME being totally there laughing over something lame XD)

Even if I am fan of 4th gen, it's a paaaiiin there are some designs that I admitt, I cannot accept. I even denied the existence of Magmortar. I mean ONLY and ONLY its design. The arm concept soomeeehoow saved it from me to go mad over it :Y
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