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:new: no 1 Seems I am so bad at putting my thoughts down or I think in different way, so I want to mark this:
Don't worry, I am not down by what has happened, I can find little things like always to cheer up and stay strong in spirit :aww: Also, I just informed you I'll be absent. I know my real life is more important, it always been, but sometimes I focus on DA activity to not let my mind overly serious over what's irl if I know I have thought over all I can do or plan.
That's all and since I can do nothing(even homework for studies), because my parents must deal with it I make my mind occupied by DA. Hope you now understand it's just to not get crazy and anxiotous.
:new:no 2
So far the whole try to solve our situation isn't good. I cannot find very much in the internet to get contact for dad to make phone calls to right places and when he calls, he gets responds they don't know anything.
and this is, my Dear children big and small, when you wanna be fair and honest in Poland. :Y

Anyway! I am not down or trying to restraint cry. I stay positive and only wait when I'll be able to get to my comuter files to start doing arrearages of my homework for studies. All the photos are there...sheesh :(
Gonna visit my aunt again in the beginning of next week, so if you want to exchange Friend Codes with me, please do now in notes! (I know some told me in comments long time ago, but I thought then I won't have console).

See you! Gonna think what to do irl XD why I cannot be traditional artist, but I became digital? NOW that sucks.

If you're lazy or you lack time, skip to almost the end of journal with bold text

Who's an artist? Just a human. Our species is interesting, because it tries to find a purpose or reason for random events in its life, saying there are Gods or only one. We tend to believe there's a destiny or the life has purpose.
Another interesting thing is, somehow those who weren't raised in rich families, haven't found friends in school times and wasn't had carefree life usually are those who hind the greatest treasure inside.

You know me from my good heart, care at things you ever said or shared with me and mostly from my great fanART.
You would get surprised if you could met me irl and how I live; a woman who can't get a job, barely hang on from material situation on studies, having neverending mess in small room. My main trouble is my mom makes pressure I shall get a job, because untill I'll work I am considered as failure to her. She doesn't understand my passion and doesn't believe I can make use from it. It's abstract to her, same like my toughts behind an art.
My mom forces me to be mature, while she never gave me any clue what it does mean. My personal trouble I fight with is procrastination and lack o organization in things I do. I have to self-dyscypline myself since I want to be professional artist and not get kicked out from job in the first week from being so slow working and unorganized.

As a child I used to escape and not think too much about troubles or sadness through drawing. I split out my feelings to get rid of them. That's why I am not so eager to share my long comic, because I feel it can be upsetting to you.
I am often worried or in anxiety, so my story is too. Luckily, I made a reasoning to fit a story scenario gap why there's kind of "curse" on Weirda Mirrart- she keeps an ancient item that brings her the curse of anxietes, nightmares and even when she feels she got up in mood, the "curse" strikes again. In my real life, I also get such.

the right journal part

Yesterday we had an electricity inspection and they found out that we were on a circuit to get power to the house illegally.
We had to, since my dad lost his job and a lot of money in trying to start his own workshop - legally of course - but after 4 years of sending documents to the Court of Justice to try and resolve that case, nothing has come of it so far.

But the house still needed electricity to run properly. It was only a matter of time before the power inspectors found out that our house was actually using more electricity than we were being billed for.
And so now we've been cut off. 

And what's worse, not only do we have a hefty fine to pay, but the electricity company have fitted a tamper-proof meter that prevents us cheating in future - and we have to pay for that as well. 
My parents figure we'll be paying that off throughout next 15-20 years probably.  

I have no possibility to use computer, no internet access and since the electricity is off, I literally rely on candlelight for evening activities. I can't do my homework for studies and the only reason I write this here is because I am borrowing my cousin's laptop at his place 
and I cannot go everyday to him since the costs.


and it's all when I just got myself together and came back to drawing, so to relax and self-motivation.
I sketched Hoenn starters to celebrate ORAS and if I say it's fantastic, then, it's just awesome to you.
All three in mangroove forest background, with eagle warrior Blaziken, Swampert and Sceptile having blue highlights from the sparkling water. I wish to show you at last sketch if I would even copy it on pendrive.
But I would never guess that. And I wanted to nail my old ORAS contest entry with Primal Groudon and Mega Camerupts in lava.


I want to apologize Nightfuryismine you have to wait for my art of an art trade; if you wish to share your part already, you can submitt your part.

tigersylveon , have great time playing your AS! I hope I'll get a flood of your opinion and spoilers before I'll start playing mine OR, after european release! Just play and forgett about me to not be worried ^^;

Jay-Law , I am sure after everything bad will be gone and I will be back to digital drawing, after an art trade I'll do your little comissions!

The ancient light of a candle, forgotten in our era, gives the warmth when I'm shaking from the cold of fear from the future...
Consuming its own body, leaving tears of wax behind...

I'm surrounded by shadows and darnkess... of nothingless in reality.
But I'll survive with my imagination.

I've never been a good poet or even wrote any happy poem :iconimhappyplz:
but please don't make me sad, because I made you upset! I am optimistic and patient, I just wait for the better part of life. 

Cheers my readers and friends from DA!

mARTa (known by you as Weirda)
  • Listening to: From rock to violin. Or both. various music
  • Reading: Cannot handle ALL the message box!
  • Watching: What my eyes will spot
  • Playing: THE HARDEST GAME: life
  • Eating: better don\'t ask. Lame things
  • Drinking: I wish wine, but I have water :Y


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