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>Like I don't have already over 30 extensive comments and triple of this for replies in message box...< :iconhideplz:

The matter no. 1:

What is a realistic Pokemon to you?

Ohh I am so sorry for this, but I just wondered over it long time ago after I've got acess to internet and realized there are
other people who like or love realistic Pokemon...redesigning.

Well, there are also just skilled people/ artists who just pick an original Pokemon and shade it, add texture to make it look
realistic, but it's not a realistic Pokemon to me. It's just realistic-look of original Pokemon.

But this is nothing, I mean the main matter:

There is a Pokemon like an animal and animal like Pokemon. There. IS. a. difference.
Making photomanipulation to create a picture of real Pokemon is (funny and) cool, but truly since I remember I have a true
passion to the concept, a redesign, the neat way to transform something into something another. No to mention, how many Pokemon are based on real (and usually prehistoric :giggle: ) animal or creature from myths we haven't knew or haven't knew that much

Do you also see the difference between animal redesigned to look more like Pokemon and Pokemon creature that is more of inspired by actual animals, but makes some freedom thanks to thinking of the altered World, just because like dragons, centaurs
or cerbers in fantasy universe?

You know or not that I have a thing for a guy known commonly as Arvalis. I honestly feel sad I have such a feel to someone
in the internet, because I avoid any kind of spreading negative feels or even hate. It just came out after I realized
again and again that an artist that at first I saw as my idol,and I wished to have such a no. 1 idol, dissapointed me sooo much... :T
After I was on his streams, I even start to wonder why he keeps on doing realistic Pokemanz if I don't even see in him an excitement, a passion- like interest to them. Or he greatly hides it throught the all time. It really hurts me, because I seriously look at his works like another reference for an artwork side now. Nothing more...and eeveeryyyone in the internet squeals there and there "wow, Arvalis Pokemon!" "The awesome Arvalis inspired me to draw this" and he has no "competition", even if there are many realistic Pokemon around.
:new: after I actually thought over why I have a thing for Arvalis, I guess it's mostly the torn feel that he does amazing artwork, I love him for that. He's my top artist in that matter, I admire his little details there and there, but....but...I wish artist would mean FULLY BY ITS MEAN. So concepts too. THIS is probably what hurts me. The lack over something more in him. I don't like artists that do more like machines than's obviously my personal opinion, you are allowed to disagree.

P.S.: I don't like the word "competition", because I see it rather as "another artist we can admire, both or a group of them
we can see equally awesome". "Competition" sounds bad to me. There ARE better artists, there are houndreds of them,
but I never thought that artist should see another as enemy...

A fictional situation with moral for you:

There was a stand with cakes; a woman was selling many kinds of them, but not many people
ever bought the blackberry one. A woman asked another that also is selling cakes:

-is there something wrong with my blackberry cakes?
- No, people just make a choice.

So darn true. Remember if you'll ever feel your deviations are bad...! There are many phenomenoms in our World, especially in the universe, like rainbows inside clouds, mantis shrimp with EVERYTHING it can do (lol, but really...)
etc. I appreciate Arvalis keeps on making Pokemon so animal- like, he made amazing thought behind the Giratina....and that's all. Gyarados dissapointed me again.
It's part of flying, it shouldn't be that hard to just try to share own idea why this. OKAY I AM SO FUSSY, FASTIDIOUS and FINICAL. FFF...nevermind :lmao:

The matter no. 2:

How do you feel about legendary Pokemon in stories? Well, if there are even other than Nuzlocke ones which following the game must include them...

Legendary Pokemon. A Pokemon with the power that surprass common Pokemon, has unique abilities, usually controls the weather, is an object of myths and legends in Pokemon World. IN MYTHS AND LEGENDS.
Like dragons, unicorns, Loch Ness Monster etc. in our World. Just THIS makes me think that I want to think how people and Pokemon think about those creatures in the Pokemon World. Legendary Pokemon are really amazing, just by look! That's why they obviously will find place in my stories, but in the matter they're in myths and legends or even religions...from Pokemon!

But what about if they will actually appear? How do you feel about it? Isn't it like "rarer encounter" among all Pokemon, because we commonly meet them in the game, they're like too popular to feel they're special, not to mention, how many we have of them today?

Oh yes, little mention: Who the heck complains over how many legendary/ very rare Pokemon we have?!
How it can be bad?! We just have a lot of great stories in the Pokemon World thanks to them! Wth with those who complain? >:T

I have a backstory (or even backstories if we include human OC) that includes legendary Pokemon. I honestly feel bad about it, because as I wrote, legendary Pokemon should be something....special. Adding them to my stories spreads their generality...
not to mention, another thing I aim in my stories: NO HOLLYWOOD HEROES/HEROINES. Normal people and normal Pokemon which deal with true life matters and true troubles. Adding a legendary Pokemon to their story makes them...really special?
I don't even know how to describe it, please forgive me. :iconorzplz:
Your opinion will be highly appreciated by me :iconbowplz:


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