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:new: UPDATE:

1) on my progress status: I hold on current comission, because it's only one week left for me to finish at last one of my contest entries,
but I really want to draw both planned.

2) One more idea for my OC stories that I wish to at last sketch, but now it would be distraction. If you watch me, you saw colored sketch of my OCs Marshall and Shindou lately.
The idea of Honedge taking body or soul of Marshall's is not a whim to give ghost Pokemon creepy atmosphere surrounding has planned purpose.
It will also give an in-deph view of my Poke-universe being much deeper than what meets the eye ;)
Spiritual World and what happens to souls...not all turn into ghost Pokemon, not all go to their respective place, not all radomly turn into random ghost Pokemon...there are Pokemon or at last one behind it.
Of course I won't tell it in full detail, but I have to write down or sketch my current ideas to not forget them.

Please forgive me for no talent at writing skills here:

*timeline: far future of my stories, a big fight in war manner(! yes. this is serious) with The Ultimate Spiritomb in(in? on? my english...:roll: ) the abadoned ship (in OR/AS known as Sea Mauville).

Note: Spiritomb unlike all other ghost Pokemon can eat, parasite or posses other souls....that's why it's sealed and described as "forbidden".
It's too dangerous if not stopped. A death is nothing compared to what it can do. A fragmentaric or parasitized soul suffers the pain we can't even TRY to imagine as mortals.

The comic page fragment would start with Marshall and Shindou fighting together surrounded by overflowing spiritual energy of their enemies(sorry! I cannot tell exactly which ones, that would be BAD spoiler); while the Swampert is focused on fighting one aggressive part, Shindou notices it's going to be a trap, so seeing the other part of evil energy accumulating behind his partner, he prepares to charge at them, but before he's even in half of his charge, he notices something strange...enemies accumulate energy for two-step smashing blow to first jump above Shindou's blade and with bigger impact hit Swampert and the floor of a ship enough strongly to crash into pieces the floor.

Shindou knows he can perform one more time speed boost move automimize, so he does in rapid manner by honing his blade over balustrade to catalyse the process.
(I could draw a cool and dynamic angle with sparkles done by scratching the balustrade here)
While doing this he grumbles to himself that he won't sacrifice his celestail sword too much and it's better worth it or he will cut that Swampert into pieces for Sushi and haunt his soul for eternity if Shindou did blasphemy over the blade by damaging it pernamently.
(Sh** got serious Marshall. The worst of this, you don't know it. >evil laugh off scene- sushi from a Swampert...! I'm so evil :rofl:<)

A bigger splash is heard, among other caused by falling pieces of the floor. The Honedge dives with great speed into the water and sees there's no sign of life energy
*note: ghost Pokemon see it less or more, because it's not seen with the eyes, but other senses...Lucario is the only non-ghost that can learn and "see" life energy.

He finds Marshall sinking, because being unconscious. Shindou gets under Swampert's chest and tries to lift him up or at last prevent his body from going down even more, but the Honedge is weakened after the fighting and cannot supply energy from his partner(ahem, Pokedex entry of Honedge draining life force).
Both are slowly getting down, but at last not as fast as Marshall alone was moment ago. Shindou tries to calm and focus his spiritual energy, while doing this he sees a blurry silhouette of something's not one of his enemies or allies, but he does recognize it and tells to himself"

"Soul Guide...already...?
No. Not yet, his soul isn't departing from the body, we won't stand spirit trial yet!"

He sensed that Marshall got consciousness back and with last bits of strenght mumbled he's too weak to swim yet.
Shindou tells him to stay calm and clear mind, because will drain some of his life energy to get enough of spiritual energy to lift them up.
*This Honedge knows what is doing and knows when draining energy can be fatal

Almost at the surface Honedge tells the Swampert to fogive him what will do now: Shindou pulls himself to throw Marshall onto the floor and quickly comes out his sheath to swish the blade in the air. His partner tries to catch a breath and get up- there could be a shot of his face and then gets startled by Shindou empaling with force his blade into the floor just one foot in front of his face.

Why? He just thrusted in his blade into one of enemies body....but that's all I can tell now.
The idea for a story ends here.

Old part of journal below
An extra update for those who care about every tidbit I share, bigger or less ;)

Even if I spend good amount of time writing description for my artwork and editing this to make better for reading...another pretty good amount of time I spend is opening and positioning reference pictures for my artwork...

After good amount of fifteen minutes...I can start drawing.
After good amount of fifteen minutes by Weirda208

A preview of my current comission artwork feathuring two OCs and HUGE amount of details.
Already fully detailed sketch is done, so soon in a day or two you gonna see one of the best Avalugg fanarts :iconlainloveplz:

*the reptilian head and skeleton are Desmatosuchus. Vegetarian crocodilians are so lovely <3
lovely examples of odd evolution ways.
old journal part
:icondontunderstandplz: yes, really, I wrote the part of the title in the parenthesis: this journal is ONLY and only about some random ideas I maaaayyyybe sketch someday, but I'll rather not. Or only in part :roll:

If you're not into my OCs or ideas>artwork, ignore this. I respect time of those who are busy.

Almost each day is a pain for my brain. Those all random ideas running through my head...and are are pretty cool or at last funny.
Or at last....interesting.

Hope you'll enjoy anyway :D

- - -
1) Random comic with Weirda Mirrart and Barbaracle OC Frank:

Wei is focused doing something on her laptop, when notices movement- Frank seems to call her by waving his hand (lower, 'cause he got two pairs,so to let you know which) in notion "come to me", so she considers he got something to say, but because of his brains talking to each other he can't say loudly anything yet.
She comes to him to ask what's up and he says that nothing. She gets worried, because everyone who says "nothing" actually has something to say.

It turns out it's just that one of his brains wanted to prove that can do easily over fifty sit-ups.

LOL? I think it's funny.
Seriously, why everyone's serious when seeing this Pokemon?
I can't.
I just- pffft, pardon, I can't be serious :lmao:
It's so weird and so funny.

2) To not forget, I wanna draw someday hilarious drawing of sleeping Barbaracle. WHYYY?
...think about it. Each brain USUALLY follows the main head's order. What happens when they don't?
The whole thing looks pretty messy, stop thinking it looks even part of humanoid creature....think now of a fusion between an octopus and goose barnacle.
With the head facing the ground.
The whole thing should look hilarious, like Barbaracle got drunk for good X'D
(my brain is horrible, I know)

3) Speaking of which refereing to my last Barbaracle- Transformer crossover design... today I when returning home and seeing again a small red excavator located in small mill nearbly my home, I've got another idea.

Long lost Grimlock cousin, hehe ;D

A tyrantrum dinobot transforming from red excavator. Usually I saw yellow ones, so red, yellow, excavator's teeth, long arm being the the image?
:dummy: we all whine there was not enough of dinobots in the 4th movie. Especially their transformations. Only Grimlock got satissfying spot scene.
Potential: WASTED.

Ahem, pardon, but a dinosaur lover like me has to say dat >.>

Being someone from Poland, I will make excavator red and not seriously it's just that the white-painted cabin will be perfect for white featherly collar around the neck and the beard :la:
The stomach would be made from excavator's track pads.

Let's ROLL!

4) Random idea.
Weirda Mirrart is sitting with her pencil alone. She looks around if indeed is alone...and then smirks slightly to herself that she is sure alone.
Wei puts pencil in the middle or 3/4 part of her closed sketchbook and turns it slightly(ugh, pardon poor and bad way to describe my thoughts in english)
to make pencil roll on down to the other edge of sketchbook. While rolling transforms into mini rocket laugher.

Imagination is the best weapon againist boredom :iconheplz: last it will be useful againist e-paper crane origiami fighter aircrafts, I think? :iconimhappyplz:

5) talking about kind of digital bird thing...…

I have a concept in my head for my psychic types team which includes my Barrierd(english name Mr. Mime) OC with their Porygon(s). If in unreleased anime it can transform, why not make use of it?
I see it turning into touch screen, so OC Marcus could add or edit their collected data or do analyzes for his or his team concepts right into their Porygon's data storage instead of doing so and having to transport. Another idea is 3D holograph made thanks to both Porygon and Marcel's ability to create screens.
Inspired/based on actual technology of making 3D holographs. Which reminds of cut pyramid...and because of this mysterious team concept...illuminati confirmed.
What, just to put some trivia there in future when they'll appear. >:]

I love too much two artist's inerpretation of Porygon with digital wings with the 0-1 code on them :love:

5) The last totally random, but I just get such silly ideas that RATHER...doesn't make much sense.

I think I should create an intro drawing of such series..a Hoopa with smirk saying "Ooops! Multiverse..." and throw all possible ideas of this kind with this kind of warning :giggle:

Before I'll tell this idea that would make spend way too much time on something like should know few facts of OCs included there:

Marshall, Weirda's Swampert is a modern samurai. In future storyline he's training under Shindou's eye, who's Odachi sword Honedge with high opinion of himself, because he got over 100 years of experienvce as a Honedge after his whole previous life experience as a ronin.
Have you heard of modern samurai(Isao Machii) who can cut with a sword A BULLET?
Even if you did, there's a reference to this.

NOW... why the warning of mutliverse?
...after you saw my really poor, but shared WIP on transformer-Barbaracle, you shall be warned.
Still, mind-blows might happen (with those canons...explosions...mind BLOWN, get it? SO LAME PUN).

I don't have clear idea on how exactly it should go, so please forgive me for lack of talent in writing.

Marshall is focusing to synchronise his moves with Shindou(needed panel or two to show the basic idea for readers, if ever) and after while they stand together and the Swamperts shouts that they're ready.

For what?
...a shoot from a gun and Honedge's blade swish. A bullet split into two land on the ground.
Comic are sometimes not much about the text.

Then a panel with my OC Frankenstein being (dat idea oh Arceus :lmao: ) a transformer-Barbaracle saying them that's impressive.
Then loading his bazooka sayng "what about THIS?". Actually he was kiddin', but Shindou says that another training for Marshall of using protect wouldn't hurt.

LIKE, YES, IT WOULDN'T HURT. Welcome to my silly punny World.

The Swampert will turn his head and says loudly to Weirda sitting somewhere to watch the show that she should never say those words back then! :XD:
(yes, let's give an impression of some backstory :giggle: )

Few panels of speedpainting some rocket missiles shooting and explosions would happen if I could get that crazy, me thinks.

and epic picture of Swampert standing with his sword companion in the flames and dust.... :iconimsotiredplz: try to imagine this, I AIN'T GOT TIME TO EVEN TRY DRAWIN' DAT.

...not enough of "what the heck " random multiverse yet?
Shindou would say right after the last explosion  "I am the sword that has the power to BLOW AWAY its enemies!"
...Because he as ghost type was standing in front of Marshall's protect to try his strenght of hitting enough hard the rocket missiles to change their trajectory.
..or maybe trying how sharp the blade still can be.

...not to mention, I have part of silly incident to happen there, but I couldn't describe it...but it would lead towards an extra few panels sequel where Shindou saves Marshall's life in silly way(ahem, don't ask about details untill you REALLY care and wanna know), but since in my stories Shindou tries to humiliate samurai Swampert and marks his superiority over him, Marsh after realizing that Honedge saved his life.... could purse his mouth, give a slightly scowl look at him, almost say something, but he could only say it's time to go leaving the scene, while the Honedge would look at him knowing why this and saying something to himself in mind to explain readers why this. If I could ever even sketch this....I don't think so.
Unless I'll get another life and more time :roll:
- - -
...I have almost sketched crossover-kinda picture with OC Andre Cycas ad his Aerodactlyl Kongamato referring to Jurassic Park....I think I'll need to draw that Hoopa intro :icontotodilederpplz:

whoop whoop into the multiverse loop! :rofl: :iconhappyiamplz:
  • Listening to: From rock to violin. Or both. various music
  • Reading: Cannot handle ALL the message box!
  • Watching: What my eyes will spot *u*
  • Playing: THE HARDEST GAME: life
  • Eating: better don\'t ask. Lame things
  • Drinking: I wish wine, but I have water :Y


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