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I just watched this silly video and felt I really want to share it, because of ym favourite moment at 0:34 MY TABLE(T) FLIP.
and no, it's not hands as for me, it's "it's always human face"

Honestly,the part about W.I.Ps doesn't get me! x3 I know I have a lot of them, but I am slowly learning how to deal with it;
actually working on a sketch I left month ago, but now feeling ready to give it even more than just a speedpaint!
After I've read tag journal from Carnie-Vorex and talked with tigersylveon on a stream, I just want to speak out two cents
(and I mentioned those girls, because might you will take look at their profiles?)

Just take look for a moment…
But this is better (probably because not mine XD )…

So....someone said I am famous.
Really? No I am not, believe me. Not that I am modest, I just know I am quite famous.

If I would be famous, people would talk about me, mention my art and it would get twice or triple more favs than I'm getting.
I don't complain, because I just love to do in that not other way. I just share my drawings, trying to not get influenced by thinking
"I should draw this and that so it make pleased many people". sometimes it's hard,mind you.

Another thing that comes to my mind: people thinking realistic style is like one of the best. Not for me.
I personally think a cartoon style is better for expression and showing artist personality and clearly its style!
Realism gives you some rules to follow. that's why it looks for me it can or reduce the view into artist style.

- - - - - -
To my Dear watchers:

If you don't know, I wish since I am here on DA, so since arounf 4 years(!) to share my thoughts into a comic about Pokemon.
Being pefectionist I started with doing first 3 pages over and over, like 7 times(!). That's why I gave up.
But IT CAME BACK. after I saw my first comic I've done as I was little girl, the last one about dinosaurs and mutanted ones, because I love sci-fiction and evolution.
Then I've got some great scenes that wouldn't fit into my first Pokemon story, but they're too awesome to me to not be shown!
That's why I decided to gain experience with comic doing before I'll start the comic I wanted to do since years.

See the dangerous never-ending loop; I am training through drawings to "prepare" to draw the Kalos story just to draw the first Pokemon comic that came to my mind.
Yes I know it's crazy. I should just DO IT RIGHT NOW.
But aren't we getting this often?
Yes and that's why I wrote this journal.

I can only tell you, if you think something is too hard for you IT'S NOW. Give yourself some time, relax, make yourself inspired and REMEMBER WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO.
Since half of year I can draw almost every (silly or not) thought I'm getting into my mind and I find it so worth to show,
while over 2 years ago I was drawing like only 5-10% of what I was had in my head.
Now finally I can even draw humans with no reference, so it also raises my speed of work, because I don't have to wonder, look at references and wonder
how to do it. and my comic will include humans, so I am really so happy I finally got here.

If you don't know, I feel pain I have to learn everything on my own, because even studies haven't gave me what I want :T
Still haven't got any friend in real life with same passion, so I am enormously happy to talk with people here.
I am still too scatter-brained to stay more professional.
But I am getting better. And I can get ONLY better.

One day, I wish to do something as amazing as this; THIS is the style of comic I personally love the most. Almost like a movie,a very neat storyborad/comic combo…

Thanks for reading :D


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