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If you are curious WHAT the heck happened and was the cause...I wish to tell you, guyz, but I guess it's tradition of family from my mom's side to be double-dealing and never telling straightly truth :roll: from what my uncle told me about taking my computer to check it, there wasn't anything wrong and nothing what he guessed as the main reason(s)

:shrug: ?

Albeit I'm happy the computer isn't in that bad state for such age it has. My family tries to get monet to buy new screen till the year is over, becase the one I have shows signs of dying slowly and not to's scratched. It was used, but better this for free than nothing when my first one died completely.

After a talk with my uncle, the most probably reason was that the windows single update I made right before the computer wouldn't start just was damaged/cracky/"confusing" for the system.
I need a help. A specific one....please share some creative ideas if you can...! :la:
Albeit WAAAAAAAAAIIIIT! Stop, don't throw me any ideas yet...! I wouldn't afford reading them all! D:>

I mean only one. I'll show you soon my new OC, william the Clefable who's working in the museum....and at pretty high position, so it would be matter of time he should use technology like smartphone, holographic portable tablets(? uhm...I think Kalos and Unova would have them :roll: ) etc...but now here goes the DETAIL.
They were created for people and react to our touch from the skin.

NOW, what about Scrafty with scaly fingers? Clefable which paws are all about fluff? Lucario's fingers having fur and pads?
I think touching screen wouldn't work for them and so, the newest century for sure came up with some ideas to let Pokemon use same technology as human.
Buttons like we had irl around 15 years ago...I can't think of this.

Okay, a scriber. Touching screens reacting to pressure..but, cannot we go a bit more crazy and creative, hmmm~? *w*

We know those technologic ideas shown in Pokemno games, manga and anime.

I'm not into technology, gadgets and IT that much, so if you happen to be, please share any ideas that you would find logical even a little~ :dummy:

"Logic will get you from point A to point Z.
Imagination will get you everywhere"
~Albert Einstein

I'll credit you and thank for sure :nod: I'm not greedy egoist that likes to claim herself as being always right.
NAAAAAAAH, it's not me.
Journal part for those who are interested into my stuff, mainly OCs; the rest can go do whatever they want, have a life hehe.
I'm positive, those few days without computer made me think more about two new Pokemon OCs which were my first struggle.
It was because I knew(I tend to say "felt" however) I'm missing something in both of them and both of them together, because...yes, my Pokemon shipping illness continues! :XD:

You gotta see soon another uncommon shipping...Chansey and male Clefable! :dummy:

I want to thank again my friends who helped me to get the background around them; especially :iconslytacticianxenia: ,because I feel natural with Pokemon OC, but I'm way worse with people and some real life facts...and thanks to her, I fullfilled one of my biggest gaps in my Kalos story. Both planetarium in Anistar City and the museum where I wanted to show Xerneas skeleton and Yveltal size chart inspired on Argentavis, one of the biggest flying birds that ever existed.

I would show you a W.I.P, but...I'm afraid I would again stupidly show you a WIP I wouldn't finish :iconhideplz:

You know why? It's because I'm still too hard on myself, even at unconcious level. I always do my best and if I show something not finished, I wanna show it evne better then...and if I can't do better...I leave. :iconorzplz: being sensitive artist ain't easy, training psychique is important part too. If I could be machine, I would finish everything, I would draw way more, would be a part of me then.

Thanks for reading~! :icondragonshy2plz:
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silvermoon551 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist I think this'll laugh or give you ideas, Weirda~
Otakukiller Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Student Writer
Weirda208 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohhh my *u* I haven't watched them for a while...seems I should check their vids regularly.

THAT one is awesome fan theory!!! totally neat, even if so weird to think "why this".

I'm glad you like to share interesting Pokemon theories with me, I just hope you don't feel dissapointed I don't have such in hand or in the head ^^;
Otakukiller Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Writer
NP, and no disappointment from me. You're fine :P

I just saw the video, and thought you might like it. 

Heck, their theory holds up really well, since their the only pokemon besides Voltorbs/electrodes that can be found disguised as poke balls on routes. and so you actually do have trainers finding them, thinking there's a cool item, only to get attacked by them. 
Weirda208 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yes and they're native to Unova, which is highly urbanized,so their theory isn't that...Farfetch'd :D
I can see that, especially that I personally see human's influeone on Kanto specvies having so many poison types there :nod:
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Thanks for the :+fav:!
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tanks for the llama
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