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...cave. Finally. I was waiting till I'll be able to hunt for fossils~! :iconomgsocuteplz:
and omg just on secopnd try I've got Armor fossil :O I dunno how it's p[ossible I was thinking it's gonna be Cranidos if I am so similar with Sinnoh region :iconfacepalmplz: and then Old amber.
OMG. My jaw dropped.
Did the game knows I just wanted those?!
Seriously. I am trying to get OC Andre Cycas Pokemon(which is not mine concept, copyright and mention spam to TipsyRa1d3n ),because I have some battles where I need those prehistoric Pokemanz.
Don't worry, no wall of text this time. Best secrets and story plot twists are kept to be shown when I'll get fully nailed idea.

Talking about dinosaur Pokemon...So I went to revive fossils(woohoo~)
and to get right or at last interesting nature I was SR a bit. When I moved to Armor fossil, after first revive before I SR for cooler nature I WAS HAD TO GO TO POKE AMIE.
Seriously, I have never seen Shieldon or Bastiodon in amie on YT :iconcryforeverplz: I felt so bad so I wished to get one in OR so badly, because these are one my favourites. After while in Amie, I thought "Weeee~! Shieldon in Amie, finally! I can die lol XD"
Clicked right buttons for SR and my heart went to throat:
Img 20141218 152359 by Weirda208
I..I have to ask you people: does it mean I should rather not think about SR challenge to get shiny Reshiram? I am anxious and scared a lot...
Talking about shiny legendaries or very rare Pokemon, look what I've got yesterday! :dummy:
Img 20141218 155306 by Weirda208
I've won in finiens raffle! :iconlawooplz: and I choosed that miracle.
Why? Not only because it's cool, not only it has one of my most favourite colors, but....I mentioned in this journal,
Tag me and I tag youT. easing you with
A. cceptable
G. roaning

:iconhurrhurrplz: okay, a warm up to make you eager to read a wall of text.
because I need to massage my butt after writing a lot and trying to make it readable.
Read or die.
but you'll die one day anyway you mortal.
so why you'll read hmmm? :rofl:
Tagged by Mulunia
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Facts About Me:
1. 99,99% of the time I am thinking about Pokemon, don't ask why.
I have too many thoughts running in the he

(after facts, 7th answer) that I was incredibly lucky to met shiny Latios in Emelard :O but it was on emulator.This made me go with OC Latios for Hoenn story which will be shiny. I was going with the concept there will be Eon duo pair called "Dawn pair" where only one is shiny. opf my friends gave me shiny Latias which I used once in battle...I've falled with those green, emerald eyes. Having in mind green eyes represent the eyes of dreamer(I've read that somewhere like twice), I decided the concept will change and both will be shiny.

So I hope so hardly I'll stop producing too much drawings which I left so often as W.I.Ps or messy, like this:
The crystal titan by Weirda208
I'll motiovate myself to nail it to change Latias into shiny when I'll get electricity back at home.
Oh, you might think I just write blah bla bla to just get attention with new journal.
No, I respect your time so I try to niot spam with crap.

Since I always loved Eon duo and wondered often how they should be as realistic Pokemon...I'll draw at last speedpaint sketch to introduce you OCs of these two.
Yes....not only normal Pokemon can be OCs in my daft imagination.
Latios is always seen as "cool" and mature, even serious. Latias as girly and enthusiastic. I think it's the headcannon about them.
So, here I will go with something a bit different. OC shiny Latios will be Quirky, impetious and silly while Latias is hardy, strong willed and often serious. The backstory I have now is that Latias is extravert and wishes she wouldn't been born as THIS species of Pokemon. Dragon that at these times has to hide from human and even if being closely to them, must be invisible,like air and very careful. Latias really wants to start the destiny of Eon Pokemon to find human parter(s) and explore the world without worry and feeling she's opnly on her own. Latios might look like bird brain sometimes (especially Eon duo DOES reming of birds :giggle:), but this OC will show WHAT MEANS being serious. Aaand how we commonly think what's being serious. There's HUGE difference and some people mistake serious expression with serious attidue.
Also, I have heard like too many times in my life how girls/woman complain boys/man get mature much later...Latias gonna sometimes complain about companion Latios as she thinks he's not mature yet.
Truthfully, he decided to stay with her to learn her how she can realize her dreams with some tricks and shouldn't be overly serious or anxious. He knows how to trick people and not lose psychic energy to "dissapear" by mimcing the plane in human eyes.
okay, I think I'll end wioth this to stop my talent to create wall of text :roll:
Img 20141218 155135 by Weirda208
:iconhurrhurrplz: Teehee~ Hope you got what I mean with this Shieldon XD
Albeit to be honest, I personally would go with Lairon as Cera. Her father was gray, so it would be Aggron and the Lairon's face makes me more think about bold little Triceratops :shrug: and the frill shape.
Just my perception.
I have found more than one-two fossils, so if someone wish Shieldon/Kabuto/Archen/Shieldon....
I know. You have already :roll:
I am the only Pokemon games player who's goofing newbie around
(don't take it seriously, lame sarcasm here)
  • Listening to: From rock to violin. Or both. various music
  • Reading: Cannot handle ALL the message box!
  • Watching: What my eyes will spot
  • Playing: THE HARDEST GAME: life
  • Eating: better don\'t ask. Lame things
  • Drinking: I wish wine, but I have water :Y


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silvermoon551 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Weirda! Something insanely funny happened when I was playing Smash Bros. for 3DS!

see, I used villager's side smash attack, which involves dropping a bowling ball on people to do heavy damage and really launch people... and Ness... used his side smash attack, which involves swinging a bat, in response.


Jay-Law Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Just a quick question - remind me - what is your cat called?
Weirda208 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Her name's Miki ^^
Jay-Law Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Aw, so cute! ^-^
There's a Zangoose in your party who's very anxious and who feels incredibly guilty...
She wanted a home with friends and sparring partners and maybe even cuddles. Now she's afraid you'll do something horrible because she acted out of anger. She can't help feeling bitter when she sees others who are so pampered... and Leda wouldn't listen to her requests, apparently.
( o_~ )
Weirda208 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uhm...sorry to say, Fatality(yes, I named her like that) was caught, but was given to my friend that loves Zangooses...this is when I've got Amaterasu the shiny Vulpix. Weirda took that Zangoose in place where she got Amy- kind of canine Pokemon helping center or something(I must talk someday about what exactly my friend thinks about Amaterasu birth place AND I have to translate that ^^; )

but sure we can come visit female Zangoose :)

and I must admitt, you're so observative Jay!
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silvermoon551 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Also... after seeing this, I am convinced that Greninja needs to be able to learn stomp somehow in the future:
silvermoon551 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Betcha you'll laugh at this, too, Weirda~

Be sure to un-mute this gif~
samuricore Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
thanks for the important part of life 
Shiruba-Wakahisa Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for the fave! =D
HazardousConcepts Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Your Articuno is up! Now to do Onix and Zapdos! :iconhurrplz:
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