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Me: Woohoo~
You: what the-
Me: Ahh the epic prehistory :iconloveloveplz:
You: A FISH?!
Me: Later. After I'll be done with the tag :iconimhappyplz:
- - -
Dear ChibiWolfAngel tagged me; I am honestly lazy to write new 5 things about me and might someone haven't read that wall of text of mine?
If you have read that luckily before, you can skip to the part about Steelix under double line.

I am done with tagging people, seriously, I would prefer to feathure them than tag.
Yes I broke the rules. I am going through my personal way again. I am done with feeling guilty about tagging others

5 Facts About Me:
1. 99,99% of the time I am thinking about Pokemon, don't ask why.
I have too many thoughts running in the head, but to write/draw them or gather into something non-chaotic
causes this. Also, perfectionism is my the worst ill ever.

2. I adore dinosaurs, I love Pokemon, I am fascinated in evolution, miracles and oddies of nature
and I freaking love to show it in artistic/creative/original way, it makes me alive. It's just my breath...!

3.My favourite things, if you let me:

the game Paraworld and its soundtrack and the idea Love

Three Days Grace(the vocalist voice sometimes just makes me loop few seconds FOREVER:iconbarryomgplz:), Linking Park, Two Steps from Hell music,
some Thousand foot Krutch and Nickelback(the vocalist voice sometimes just makes me loop few seconds FOREVER:iconbarryomgplz:again)

Knight Rider series, but only a show from 80'. The only serial I loved and watched whole even crying when I missed one episode(yeah laugh at me
I am weird...a bit

The last samurai movie. The only movie that makes me ALWAYS cry. I cry fo it longer than womans can at Titanic. even if the movie got into hollywood too much,
nothing as perfect as showing this story. We need movies that are based on something real.

Henri Rousseau was my first artist that I loved, because of his art and the fact he was inspiring naive or primitive manner, self-taugh. At his times it was something.

I totally hated pink when I was small. Even a small line on skirt/blouse/notebook or whatever made me "NOOOO...!" one of my fav things to wear besides pantheras or its spots is pink blouse with dark red roses.

Psychology. Why people act like that and not like me (pfffft. see the 5) and to understand myself. I am just sooo thoughtful

THE SINNOH REGION OMG...! :iconbarryomgplz:---rambling,so beware--- there are so many things I just love. No wait.
I say: I freakin' love!
The myths-even if it's just a concept, the music of Mt.coronet peak that is the only true one of what we should  feel when facing legendary Pokemon,
God of all Pokemon, the time and space Gods that just makes me :iconbarryomgplz: yesss I have an idea for like what if I should be in Pokemon world,
THE UNDERGROUND AND DIGGGING OMG I spended too much time just to enjoy I am digging and might find a fossil and Shieldon/Batiodon that's one of my fav
or Rampardos being one of my fav Stygimoloch tho Heart and the Byron from Canalave city, having steel types, the whole team of my favs,
having Steelix like Jasmine and loving fossils? Excuuuuseeee me it's- wait, and he has dat color of hair and manly beard and a shovel to smack your butt if you don't like him and a BLACK cape?!
SWEET ARCEUS, the Sinnoh region. :iconcannotevenplz: just add the jurassic park with Pokemon there so I can die
say just Sinnoh, I will work like a super repel starting with a ramble...!

4. I am full of confidence like Antarctica is full of beatiful flowers or Giraffes.
I lack artistic and weird ideas like the Earth lacks haters and idiots
I feel sick if I won't draw or sketch for over half of a day.
I HAVE TO. I think it's not even a passion.
No, I am not pervert, I am just too much if we mention my dirty thougts.

5. I smell with stressful procrastinate like a skunk.
but yes, skunks are pretty *^* sad thruth
Ladies and gentlemens, I have surprised and left in shock myself.

You know I have a lot of (visual) knowledge about prehistory life. After I've got acess to internet and I found some sites/blogs about even more detailed and uknown before information about odds from prehistory, I just think there's nothing that can surprise me or seems like "too weird".

I remember when I saw Avalugg, it haven't looked too strange to me, but somehow familiar. When I drew my version of it for the first time I was thinking about turtle, yes, but still I knew there must be prehistoric animal I know with similar head as this Pokemon. And then one day I've got it. Aetosauria.
I felt a bit bad to myself I haven't realized that at first.

Yesterday I wanted to add details to Mega Steelix and I thought over what I should get inspired from. I also wondered, why I don't have a feel that it should have added multiple steel plates or scales like all other people have done on relalistic Steelix?
I knew there's something I know from prehistory that makes me believe in overdetailing Steelix to make it look realistic as something unecessary.
Mega Steelix head is strange, I admitt, same goes for the chin razorbeards, but withouth them the chin reminds me of something...
...what was that...
wait, THAT FISH!
That prehistoric armoured fish!


Also the tailtip. If covered by an armour, it can sure look like Steelix tailtip. I also always stylized this Pokemon white teeth for more triangle shape to make them more intimidating. I realized they now remind of Dunkleosteus "teeth". The whole Osteostraci look like worm fishes rather than real fish!
I know I go with weird inspirations from prehistoric life and not exactly on what original Pokemon is based on, but THIS?!
Even I am in shock. I really wonder if I should go with this or ONLY for apperance.
Onix and Steelix doesn't even has a tongue! Also, magnet-like brain? That fits those fishes, since they were has holes in the head armour with receptors.
I already go with theory Steelix outgrowths on the head are containing receptors. Albeit I was thinking about termo-receptors like snakes has, but without tongue it doesn't make sense...

I still wonder what to think about it!

Steelix based on a fish....What the heck.
Now, instead of tagging 10 people, I want to feathure 10 people!

1. :iconedgedfeather: If you want to see great animal and mostly predator birds photos, she will never dissapoint you! :D

Congo 20 by EdgedFeather Grace 24 by EdgedFeather Zanzibar 9 by EdgedFeather

2. :iconchiakiro: She has lovely, nice style and you can sure see her improvement! Also, if you're ORAS hyped you can follow her Nuzlocke :heart:

Let's Get 'Em by Chiakiro Lights above the city by Chiakiro Chiaki's Nuzlocke 49 by Chiakiro

3. :iconalbastrix: She adores owls, likes Pokemon and is in Okami fandom! She's very creative, you shall take a look at her gallery
Watchful by AlbaStrix Predator by AlbaStrix Big Brother by AlbaStrix

4. :icontigersylveon: It's her third account she has started not long time ago; She's also very creative and loves Pokemon crossovers!
Lily has unique, lovely style over her Pokemon and her OC ideas... :faint: if you'll talk with her, she will never stop to amuse you!

Fusions MegaBlaziken/Swellow MegaGardevoir/Delphox by tigersylveon AT: Entei and Molly by tigersylveon Racheal librarian uniform by tigersylveon

5.:iconsperas: Honestly I started to watch this profile not long time ago, but her artworks are just mesmerazing. Great style and concepts!

Espeon and Umbreon - Art Noveau by Speras Vaporeon,Jolteon and Flareon - Art Noveau by Speras Lucario used Aura Sphere! by Speras

6. :iconchippie18: Her gallery is ful of wonderful creatures and beautiful artwork. I wonder why she's not spammed by pageviews and watchers?!
Her art is great! :heart:

Northern Lights by Chippie18 Sunny Day by Chippie18 L'oeil du tigre by Chippie18

7. :iconjenniej92: She does great and TRADITIONAL art~! Might I have feathured my personal realistic Pokemon favs, but she does not only Pokemon!

Dedenne ~ Arttrade by Jenniej92 Swimming with Mommy ~ Prize by Jenniej92 Glaceon's favourite season by Jenniej92

8. :iconcalluna-draconis: What I can say here? All her artwork are wonderful and mesmerazing~!
(4) - Night-time Loveydoveys by Calluna-Draconis Save the Seas by Calluna-Draconis C: The Chase by Calluna-Draconis

9. :iconguardianangel9x: She does A LOT of work which are great! she has patience, motivation I respect and cool ideas!
Pokemon fans, 5th gen fans, N fangirls SHOULD WATCH PERMANENTLY.

Waiting In Wonder Pg 3 by GuardianAngel9x Slip N Slide by GuardianAngel9xHero Of Truth by GuardianAngel9x

10. :iconarcanemagicarp: Well, I feel I watch mostly people who have a lot of watchers already...but not this one! Seems he started not that long ago here, but I already freaking love his Fakemons. Who knows, might when you'll watch him you'll find how he will grow up here with great ideas?

Tigreat Evolution Chain (redo) by ArcaneMagicarp Grizmech by ArcaneMagicarp Mega Dragonite Y Redo by ArcaneMagicarp

OMG I thought it will be easier to feathure 10 ppl...I happen to watch rather well-known artists :T
Anyway, I prefer to feathure than tag again!
  • Listening to: From rock to violin. Or both. various music
  • Reading: Cannot handle ALL the message box!
  • Watching: What my eyes will spot
  • Playing: THE HARDEST GAME: life
  • Eating: better don't ask. Lame things
  • Drinking: I wish wine, but I have water :Y


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silvermoon551 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, Weirda...…  "Soft and Fluffy"... two words you'd never think of using to describe fire... UNTIL NOW!"
Weirda208 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really? Haven't you seen Cyndaquil handmade plushies on DA? OMG you efinitely should right now!
Cyndaquils and Quilavas plushies on DA are just soooo awesome! :iconomgsocuteplz:
silvermoon551 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have, somewhat~ But I will resort to them as a secondary measure just in case this official merchandise one isn't released where I work. ^^;

See, that particular plushie is part of the "Trainer's Choice" line of Pokemon stuff by a company called Tomy, and is supposed to be exclusively sold at Toys'R'Us stores. 
we don't have a Toys'R'Us in the town where I live... and yet a little Cyndaquil Figure and Charmander plushie from the same line made it to the store where I work. 

so it's possible that the Cyndaquil plushie will make it here, too~

But are there any better ones you know of~?
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I have huggy drills and heatmors in my head now...
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haha, I wish sometimes to have less than 6 or 5 Pokemon in my head to think life would be way easier X'3
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Weirda~ Mewtwo confirmed for Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS as an additional downloadable character if you buy and register both versions with Club Nintendo~
Weirda208 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh thanks, I've heard about that from other SSB fans :D but...aren't any pictures or other leaks yet?
oh, and btw: I've never been into SSB ^^; I just look at it out of being curious,that's all, I've never loved such dynamic games lol XD
I prefer strategy or economy games
silvermoon551 Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, they did reveal Bowser Jr. as a playable character.
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thx 4 the llama <3
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Hey, Weirda~ I have discovered an awesome anime opening theme. 

It's called "Guren no Yumia", and it's the opening to the anime "Attack on Titan"

Also, if you look at the names at 0:24, you will discover the name... "Masaki Endo". This guy... is amazing. how amazing? How about you hear him sing a song you're more familiar with~

actual singing starts at 0:25
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