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GuardianAngel9x,thank you for super-encourage to share what I love, the fascinating,amazing prehistoric life.


I decided to choose all the most weird, the most interesting examples of animals that lived on our Earth.

<please take look in google to catch few views of these, not only one picture if I would give link>

Dunkleosteus-look at these TEETH. they're not teeth, but sharp edged extension of armour!

Helicoprion- such a weird jaw!

opabinia- the real alien on our planet.

Anomalocaris and Challucigenia- these two. They were reconstructed in way different way around...30 years ago? I even have a book with those wrong reconstructions!
haha, amazing~ Love

Masiakasaurus-These teeth...

Therizinosaurus- these claws! whoa!

Arthopleura-THIS GIANT BUG WAS REAL. And now, if you'll look at Scolipede...the same size, weee~


Talking about prehistoric rhinoceros, have two so horny ones :giggle:

embolotherium and elasmotherium

Carnotaurus Tyrannosaurus and small hands? phi, Abelisauria were like without hands.
Persnoally, Carnotaurus and Brachiosaurus are my top favourite Saurischia; I have model-like figurine of Brachiosaurus and Carnotaurus plushie
:iconloveloveplz: Now I only need something cool that's Dilophosaurus, my first top fav theropod

crassigyrinus I call it "Carnotaurus ambiphian" x3

platyhystrix and Cacops ooh, I always think about those when I see Swampert and vice versa...
AND I REALLY, really want first facepalm, then giggle and laugh at people who are commenting Swampert
"a frog? a dog?" lol...for me, Swampert is simply like Cacops with Gorilla body structure(so might walk too).
And like Cacops, has even some scales! Awww, Swampert is special Pokemon to me :meow:


nyctosaurus this Pterosaur was so sweet, I even made Fakemon based on it, that evolves from another weird reptile,

sharovipteryx let's fly on my legs! ahahahah :lmao: and then Fakemon decides "eh, I would better have a wing on the head"


wiwaxia so sweet creature

pterygotus THIS. Prehistoric sea scorpion. DRAPION IS IN WATER 3 EGG GROUP. unexplainable? Not for me!
Drapion is not a modern scorpion and lives in Sinnoh Great Marsh. :meow: I tried to do reconstruction...will come back and do one day...

glyptodon and Giant sloth too, as my view for Quilladin and Chesnaught.
People rather doesn't know and rather call both Pokemon as something weird. Weirda, you must face those two in Kalos, share some studies~

------NOW THE FINAL, MOST AMAZING THING~! HOLD ON------:iconherotimeplz:
< a strong blow of wind of epicness, something you cannot see what's going on, but you feel it in all of your body>

Let's do an epic mix of prehistoric life, Pokemon, adventure, Weirda and....professor Tipsy!:iconhappyhappyplz: no plz will express this

TipsyRa1d3n agreed with me, we ship our awesome OC trainers! OHMIGAWD THE FABULOUS SHIPPING,
probably officially PaleoShipping :iconexcitedplz: <personally, I will go with silly fabulous shipping, because like prehistoric Aurorus> :iconhurrhurrplz:

too perfect, too much perfect we are.
Weirda is sometimes weird? no, she's sometimes like nothing compared to him.


But Keep Calm and wait like milion years. Nothing to push. We need some vain, time and of course, as human, life.
Don't ask about when I'll even please you with some sketch stories like with Swampert x Greninja.


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comic321 20 hours ago  Student Artist
Thank you for the Llama badge!
Weirda208 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
and thank you for fav~ ^w^
comic321 3 hours ago  Student Artist
You're welcome
*Jay practises her powers and uses Aura Sphere!*
*'s a round glass-like sphere that does nothing*
Jay: Aw heck...
(Jay's powers fail because her Aura ability follows her feelings too well... and she dislikes harming anyone, so it makes the shells really thick and tough)
*Jay goes away, to practise elsewhere*
*..meanwhile the 'glass sphere' degrades and corrodes...*
Weirda208 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Weirda instantly wakes up from daydreaming*

Whaa- ugh! Furry, Marshall-I see a smoke!

*runs to the place where explode happened with a sprint!*

D:> waah, for me
*rests for a while*
*generates more discs - fires them high*
*shoots them with new discs*
Jay: Hah - gotcha!
*plays her game but tires quickly*
*twig snaps!*
*Jay hides!*
*goes gijinka!*
*nothing there!*
*...meanwhile (elsewhere) Jay uses Force Palm*
*flat green energy discs but no shockwave power*
*unable to use Aura Sphere on Force Palm discs*
(tired out)
Thank you very much for the llama! :D
Weirda208 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I should thank you, for the FLOOD of fav *O*
Haha no problem! x3 Your art is amazing, so I couldn't resist!
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